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Anti-Aging is a Lifestyle: There is no Magic Pill that will Stop the Clock

By Tabb Stacy

Let me first start off by saying that the term "anti aging" is a misnomer of sorts. The grim fact is that we will all age and eventually die. Not one of us is immortal. The good news is that we can prolong our lives and avoid disease by making a conscious effort to take care of ourselves. Prevention is key when it comes to anti-aging.
Many people are still looking for that perfect cream or pill that will make them look younger. The fact is that it's most important to take care of what's on the inside before you will see external results. What you put into your body is a reflection of what you see on the outside. The path to healthy aging (or antiaging) takes dedication and a conscious effort. Nobody is perfect - we all have our vices - those things that we just love and feel must be included in our lives, be it lying out in the sun, drinking that morning cup of coffee. The key is moderation. Don't deprive yourself of that which you love because you will only be likely to over-do it next time you are tempted.
Think about the things you put into your body every day: the things you eat and drink, the stress you put upon yourself, the exercises you do, the exposure you give your skin to harmful UV rays and cigarette smoke, and the time you take to let yourself relax.
By making a conscious effort to cut down and possibly eliminate those things that are dragging our health into the gutter, we will live happier, healthier, more youthful and productive lives. You can start small and work your way up to a healthier lifestyle. When you start seeing the benefits of your efforts, you will be more motivated to stick with your plan and implement more healthy changes.
Here are some basics to look at. You may already be doing some or even all of these things - if so; you are on the right track! If not - congratulations for making a conscious effort to start living a healthier life. Remember, start small with one or two items a month and keep adding more as you go:
1) Drink water. Many people don't realize that they actually drink more calories than they eat. Soft drinks and juices can pack on the pounds and make you feel sluggish. On the contrary, water will make you feel more energized and can also suppress your appetite between meals. If you are trying to loose weight or increase energy then water is your friend. Your skin will thank you, too. 

2) If you smoke - quit. Be hard on yourself about this one. We all know that smoking is linked to cancer and a host of other health problems. You must win this battle or all of your other efforts will be in vain. 

3) Exercise at least 20 minutes every day. Even if you have to get up at 5 a.m. to take a brisk walk around the neighborhood. Fit it into your schedule somewhere. You will find that you have more energy and your body will begin to show the effects of your efforts. The key is to stick with it even when you don't feel like it - the results don't come for free. 

4) Eat more veggies. Vegetables (and fruits) are a wonderful source of age-fighting antioxidants. To get the best health benefits, eat a range of colors. Get your greens, reds, yellows, and purples every day. Some good choices are spinach, tomatoes, carrots, and blueberries. Not only will you be getting your antioxidants, but you will also be adding more fiber to your diet. 

5) Limit your time in the sun. Always use SPF 15 or higher when you know you will be out in the sun. Damage from the sun will cause your skin to look older, faster. If you really enjoy that "bronze" look, try a self tanner. You will get the look of a tan without the harmful UV exposure. 

6) Take time for yourself. The world can be a stressful place. Stress that is built up in your body can cause you to age quicker. Take time to meditate, read a book, or get a massage at lease once a week, if not more.
These six tips for antiaging may seem simple, but if you actually implement them into your lifestyle, you will see positive changes in your health, mood and looks. Your body will thank you in many ways and you will be able to live a more youthful, more active life well into "old age"

Stop Signs of Aging Fast!

For starters, a smile will make you look ten years younger. It will also increase and deepen the wrinkles around your mouth area. So that's a double edged sword for you.
I would suggest for starters to avoid baking your faces under the sun. Tanning looks good and hides blemishes and even panda eyes, but the after-effects of prolonged tanning on your face and other skin areas of your body will lead to wrinkles developing faster and earlier in age. So if you must tan, then go with the spray-on ones that have less side effects and carcinogens. Unless you look English and have a pasty white complexion, I believe you should just look the way you do and be happy with that.
For blemishes, I do suggest salicylic acid because this stuff works wonders on acne. It promotes the deadening of the top layers of skin and new skin layers appear. The drawback to this is that once you start using the acid, you must keep on using it until the blemish is gone. For acne, you must use it around the area of the acne too.
A great secret, well it really isn't a secret, is to make sure you drink plenty of water each and every day and just urinate out all your toxins. Eight cups of water is the standard and it really makes a difference. Youthful skin is full of collagen and moisture and that moisture is nothing other than water. Treat your face to a spritz of water everyday, it just feels good and your skin has to drink too, right?
As for sleep, if you want to look beautiful long-term wise, make sure you catch those zzzs and sleep early to wake up early. Make sure you get yourselves in bed at around 10 and wake around 8. Why? Why must you waste your days? During the midnight and beyond hours, for many, the brain just stops working. Unless of course this is how it works for you... college students mostly who sleep at 4AM to wake at 4PM. Sleep has been shown to help one burn more fat... Doesn't that sound wonderful?
With products, I don't believe in the expensive ones found at department stores. They do seem to smell prettier but do they actually work better? I believe in Vitamin E, Coenzyme Q10, and Retinol A.
Keep your fruit and vegetable intake levels high and make sure you have enough fiber. If you keep toxins in your body, it will show. The effects of constipation will make you look nasty and feel nastier. Have lots of protein and oils high in HDL and Vitamn C and other antioxidents.
All in all, if you take care of yourself, it will show on your face. There are twenty-year olds who look like they are forty and vice versa. If you smoke, go clubbing til the mornings on a frequent basis, drink like there is no tomorrow, and tan yourself til you become a prune, you will become an LOL in no time. Little old lady as my professor fondly calls them.

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Physical Activity: The Great Health Facilitator



Physical Activity: The Great Health Facilitator

By Richard Helfant

"Opportunities are usually most people don't recognize them." - Ann Landers

"The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step." - Lao-tzu

Physical activity is the best first step to health. It is the most direct way for you to discover, or rediscover, the wonder of your body. It allows you to experience vitality and provides an immediate sense of control of your body's health and well-being. In addition to having its own inherent benefits, physical activity is a great physical and mental health facilitator, and wonderfully regenerative. Your senses come alive and are attuned more delicately when you engage in regular physical activity.

There is good news about actually doing physical activity. Research has shown that one can obtain its major health benefits with a minimum amount of effort and a minimum amount of time. The old myth of "no pain, no gain" and of long-distance jogging as the only way to achieve meaningful health results have been put into perspective. The evidence is clear: you can enjoy the benefits of physical activity with the equivalent of walking a half an hour a day, four or five days a week.

The Institute for Aerobics Research in Texas evaluated the fitness levels of more than 3,000 people and followed their progress for eight years. While the sedentary did have a mortality substantially higher than the more fit, the principal benefits of physical activity came even after very little physical activity. Those who simply walked an average of 30 minutes a day decreased their risk of heart disease by almost half.

The American Heart Association has stated that a sedentary life-style is a risk factor for heart disease comparable to smoking, cholesterol abnormalities, and high blood pressure. It also pointed out that low-intensity physical activity, performed regularly, can lower the risk of heart disease.

Any physical exercise is better than none! Housework, gardening, shuffleboard--anything that causes us to move--is beneficial. And, the benefits are not limited to heart disease alone. Physical exercise reduces stress, improves eating habits and weight control, increases good (HDL) cholesterol, and decreases triglyceride levels.

When beginning an exercise program, choose an activity that you think will be fun. Try walking, cycling or doing aerobics with a friend, a family member or as part of a class. The company may reinforce your commitment. If exercise is new for you, begin slowly, and keep in mind that there are a host of activities that you can try.

And, for those of you who have been sedentary most of your lives, the good news is that you have the most to gain from even the simplest physical activities. Gradually work them into your daily life. Start with small, comfortable activities, for instance:

(1) Walking to your destination whenever feasible

(2) Taking the stairs rather than relying exclusively on elevators and escalators

(3) Doing more physical tasks around the house or yard.

(4) Strolling around the block, around your neighborhood, in the park, at the mall. Keep your activity comfortable, keep it easy, and above all, keep it a part of your life.