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How Does Alcohol Abuse Kill People?




How Does Alcohol Abuse Kill People?By Andy Maingam

Destructive Alcohol !!

Although the figures vary greatly from country to county based on population and cultural behaviours, there are still way too many folks on this planet who die every single day of the year as a direct result of drinking too much alcohol. So just how does alcohol abuse kill people? Well they don't have to wait for cirrhosis of the liver or other alcohol related illnesses that's for sure. Kids and teens often meet their demise through a binge far too great for their bodies to handle. A lot of inexperienced drinkers are the victims of alcohol related mischief such as; driving, swimming, general showing off, and accepting crazy challenges to impress peers while intoxicated.

Another unnecessary way on how alcohol abuse kills folks is that of drunken brawls which turn fatal. Fights that were derived from power driven arguments. Arguments that would never have gotten so heated had those involved not been under the influence. These are tragic incidents that most definitely did not have to happen! They are all too common these days as drinkers consume more booze than they can handle. These moments of madness sometimes result in dead bodies and sheer pandemonium as charges of murder and man slaughter are brought onto folks who probably wouldn't say boo to a goose while sober.

Alcohol Abuse Takes Lives in more ways than one!

There are no big secrets as to why alcohol makes folks act in ways they would not normally behave. After all, alcohol is what's known as a psychoactive drug. Simply put, this means it affects the mind, the mood, and other mental processes. It's because alcohol changes brain chemistry that it appeals to so many. Just about everyone likes the way it makes them feel to a greater or lesser degree! The problem is that it's lethal in high doses. Far too many people meet their demise simply because they don't know when they've had enough of the stuff.

Alcohol is a poison: When people vomit from drinking too much alcohol, this is triggered by the body's natural defence mechanism telling the stomach it has consumed more poison than the body can handle. The brain sends a signal to the stomach telling it to get rid of the stuff, just as it would with any other noxious food beverage or substance.

Vomiting is another way in which alcohol abuse kills people! Not all those who have drank copious amounts of alcohol get to vomit during conscious hours. Some pass out and fall into a deep sleep before the brain has had chance to signal the stomach to throw up. If nausea is induced during this time, people can and do choke on their own vomit and literally die in their sleep.

Others who pass out from drinking too much alcohol may never wake again. When the concentration of alcohol is too high, those areas of the brain which are responsible for controlling life's functions can become so depressed that they simply fail to function any more. And when the brain fails to function, then so does man!

Alcoholic poisoning can be fatal: Most of us at some time during our lives have been sick from drinking too much. It's often laughed off the following day as a silly session and the one suffering often makes a vow never to drink again. Of course, this promise is usually one of many in the course of a lifetime, and as soon as the headaches have gone and the stomach has settled, the drinker is ready for the next spree. But the fact of the matter is that far too many people, both young and old, men and women, are dying unnecessarily as a direct result of alcohol abuse. Sadly, this is a problem which is on the increase globally.

Alcohol Health Related Deaths: Putting aside the accidental deaths caused by excessive alcohol consumption, there are many other ways in which long term abuse can result in premature deaths through alcohol related health issues. Although many of these illnesses can be got without abusing alcohol, it's now a known fact that so many are induced by the excessive consumption of alcohol. Doctors agree that many of these health conditions most probably would not have occurred if alcohol had not been a factor.

Common alcohol related fatal diseases are: Breast cancer, mouth cancer, liver disease, heart disease, and stroke to name but a few. Still dying for a drink?





Alcohol Abuse Effects - 4 Major Effects in Alcoholic Everyday LifeBy Angel CH

Adverse effects of Alcohol !

For centuries, alcohol has been used by nearly every civilization. Recorded history is filled with examples of people using alcohol. The stark reality is that for as long as people have been using alcohol, they have been suffering fro alcohol abuse effects.

In the end, if you are going to elect to use alcohol, if people close to you are going to use alcohol, it is important for you to have at least a basic appreciation of the alcohol abuse effects. The truth is that there are a number of different alcohol abuse effects. Most experts agree that the alcohol abuse effects can impact a person's life in four major ways:

* Physical Alcohol Abuse Effects

* Psychological Alcohol Abuse Effects

* Financial Alcohol Abuse Effects

* Inter- Personal Alcohol Abuse Effects

Physical Effects:

In the beginning, the physical alcohol abuse effects are not evident in most cases. However, in time and in some instances a person will experience weight gain from all of the sugar that is contained in alcohol. Conversely, this can lead to weight loss due to a failure to eat properly when one really begins drinking heavily.

Other physical alcohol abuse effects include such things as changes to skin tone as well as coloration and fatigue. Ultimately, the physical alcohol abuse effects include marked physical deterioration and permanent damage to vital organs, particularly the liver and the brain.

Psychological Effects:

Ultimately, the psychological alcohol abuse effects end up being extremely serious. The psychological effects include such serious consequences as depression, anxiety disorders and even alcohol induced psychosis. Many individuals afflicted with alcoholism end up suicidal.

Financial Consequences:

Thousands upon thousands of people lose their jobs each and every year due to alcoholism. Moreover, the typical person suffering from alcoholism will be facing mounting debt and finances that completely are out of control.

Inter-Personal Relationships:

One of the primary alcohol abuse effects is a deterioration in inter-personal relationships. Ultimately, the only real relationship a person with alcoholism has is the relationship with a bottle of booze.

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At Last, Scientific Study Reveals How Porn Addiction Is So Dangerous - And How to Beat It



At Last, Scientific Study Reveals How Porn Addiction Is So Dangerous - And How to Beat ItBy Scott W Cook


Porn: A New Drug


Are you addicted to porn?

Are you afraid you might be?

The truth is that porn addiction affects millions of people, both men and women. Although the number of people who admit to being addicted to porn are primarily men, you'd be surprised at how many women also say they suffer from porn addiction.

There are hosts of statistics out there to support the wide spread issue of porn addiction and porn abuse, especially on the internet. Here's some interesting and surprising stats compiled by mind Armor:

• Globally, porn is a $93 billion industry, of which around $13 billion comes from the U.S.
• 70% of porn site visits come during the 9 to 5 workday.
• As of October, 2008, ¼ of employees visit web porn sites during working hours, according to Neilson Online.
• About 83% of porn addicts are men, and 17% are women.
• About 87% of college men view porn, and about 37% of college women view porn.

So What? It's just harmless sexual release, right?

The Shocking Truth is That Porn Addiction is a Drug

There is a secret about porn and becoming addicted to it that most people never even consider. The fact is that when a person begins to abuse pornography, that is to watch more and more to increase their fix - just like a narcotic - it isn't just a mental thing.

Believe it or not, if you're addicted to porn, your body is actually manufacturing dopamine to give you a sort of high. This also has the added effect of causing other issues with the body's ability to properly absorb vitamins and minerals.

Porn addiction creates a chemical dependence just like the abuse of cocaine or heroin. The more you watch, the more hooked you become.

You actually get hooked on porn, just as if you were snorting or shooting up. Considering how large and profitable the porn industry is today - it makes you wonder who understands this best, doesn't it?

How Porn Addiction Screws up Your Life

Like any over use of something unproductive, porn can have long reaching effects. It could be argued, in fact that porn addiction is worse than a drug, because it is attached to sexual desire - the strongest motivation known.

In our studies and in interviews with our members, we have heard many stories and tales of woe. In fact, in a study by the American Council of Divorce Lawyers in 2004, porn was listed as the primary reason for divorces in about 50% of the 1 million divorce proceedings, and this trend has continued.

This means that over the past decade or so, 500,000 marriages each year have ended because of porn abuse or porn addiction. Of course, this is probably not entirely the case. However, even if only one-quarter of these supposed porn divorces were really because of porn, that means that more than 1.2 million marriages have ended in the past ten years due to porn.

Many of our clients say that they've lost jobs, opportunities, friends and intimate relationships because of their porn usage. Erectile dysfunction, social awkwardness, depression and other symptoms can also result.

The worst part is that the more a person who's addicted to porn feels bad, lonely, angry, etc. - the more they'll seek out the temporary comfort of porn - and the more shame, guilt and self-loathing they'll feel afterwards.

How to beat porn Addiction

There is no simple cure, no quick fix to getting over porn addiction. However, there is a step by step, day by day process. It involves daily mental exercise, a concerted effort to focus on other more positive things and a continuous program of eliminating the chemical processes that help keep a person addicted.


Getting over porn addiction will:

• Create a sense of self-worth.
• Increase self-confidence.
• Provide the ability to start and maintain quality relationships, from work to friends to romantic.
• Generally result in a healthier body.
• Turn a negative into a positive.
• Eliminate the guilt, shame and self-loathing that comes from abusing porn.
• Establish good habits, great feelings and the power to achieve in all areas of life.



Porn: A New World Order Drug




Porn - The Poison That Causes Premature Ejaculation And Sexual Dysfunction

By Benjamin A Brice

Porn has been shown to cause premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction in men. Watching porn is without a doubt one of the worst things that you can do to your sexual health if you are a man.

The reason for this is that porn will ruin your ability to get full and strong erections, and it will make you prematurely ejaculate. Even if you haven't had premature ejaculation or weak erections before and even if you are under the age of 50, you can still get detrimental sexual problems by watching porn.

Here are just some of the things that porn does to you.

#1. It makes it almost impossible to get and keep a strong erection going under normal stimulation. You get desensitized. Your brain is used to watching a woman do bizarre things on the internet and when you then sit down with a normal woman you simply don't get aroused enough.

Your erection becomes weak and frail.

#2. Porn causes your anxiety levels to go through the roof. This leads to embarrassing situations where you prematurely ejaculate in your pants. You prematurely ejaculate as soon as you enter her, or you ejaculate within a minute or so.

#3. Porn makes you lazy, it takes the body up to 72 hours to recover from ejaculation, during this time you get lazy and hungry. If you watch porn and masturbate every day you are constantly stuck in the recovery phase. You will walk around tired, antisocial and lazy.

But how come that even though there are hundreds of men out there trying to break the addiction of porn only a tiny percentage of them actually manage to get "clean."

The reason for this is that most people try to break their porn addiction through sheer willpower. The problem with this is that you don't have more than 60 seconds of willpower according to P.D. Ouspensky.

Here's what I mean by this.

When you decide that you are going to quit porn and never watch it again you are most likely going to fail, why?

Because willpower isn't enough.

When you are sitting in front of your computer late at night and suddenly a flash of a scene that you watched a day or two ago pops up in your head and you get the urge to masturbate, you literally have less than 60 seconds to turn off the computer or distract yourself with something important or you will give in to your sexual desire.

The brain has 60 seconds of self-direction power and after those 60 seconds other parts of the brain take over and before you know it you are browsing the web looking for porn. To prove to you that you cannot control your mind for more than 60 seconds, sit down and focus on your breath for 60 seconds and you will not be able to do it.

You will start thinking about your car, about your friends and about other people.

The only way to break porn addiction and get those rock hard erections that last for a long time is by setting up your environment in such a way that you cannot watch porn under any circumstances.

One of the best ways of doing this is installing a porn-blocking filter.

There are many out there but K9 is pretty good and you can use it for free.


(Porn A New Drug or a nWo Drug is as bad a destroyer as other drugs as it destroys the morality out of humans leads to perversion and in result the society becomes degenerated, relationship problems, family problems, suicides, depression, degradation of health and many other problems arises. Porn a New Drug be it a flourishing product of wealthy profiteers who are earning in billions while on the expense of ruining your morality, health, life, character & true freedom or be it a new mass weapon of perversion of the powerful shadowy forces to control, overwhelm, & delude humanity just like the television & media as was revealed in the episode "The Big Broadcast of 2006" of the original Transformers Cartoon Series, so whatever it may be, the fact is it is out there and for now the most effective.    ....HD)